I am Chris. UX/UI Designer, Illustrator and Creative.
I have a passion for discovering and creating things.

In design there can be conflict. There is the design we create and the science that underpins the design, which can explain and often determine if the design will be a success.

I believe that this is where the collaboration between UX and UI design is crucial to achieve a successful user journey and experience. When great UX is accompanied by great UI design the overall experience is intuitive and seamless.



The past four years have been the most productive in terms of growth and creative output. Working in agile processes I’ve extended my skills to encompass critical UX thinking and translating that thinking into design.

I’ve found a new passion for UX and how understanding human psychology can make you a better designer. In addition to my strong creative background I get real satisfaction creating digital designs across multiple platforms.


Below are some examples of my creative work, graphic design, illustration, web design and concept/idea generation. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss any of my work!



Living abroad and travelling has grown me and my passion for design, experiencing new culture and arts.

  • Italy proved to me that solid foundations, hard work and planning sets you up with something that will stand the test of time, it also taught me that you can’t always expect the trains to be on time! – be early.

  • New Zealand – Home. Nothing will compare to its beauty people and lifestyle. Where ever I find myself New Zealand will always be home first.

    New Zealand
  • Little island – Big business! The UK has taught me to grab hold and take charge – if you don’t, the next person will.

    United Kingdom
  • The world is your oyster. Lets see where this goes!

    The World